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Coronavirus: Covid-19

Disinfecting/Sterilization & Cleaning

We are currently offering daily disinfecting services to Essential business and homes.

GHCS will not disinfect any businesses where someone is sick, has or had the Covid 19 virus. Unless the building has been quarantined for 3 days or more.

We are Servicing Sacramento and surrounding cities.

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policies

Wearing gloves & respirators. All Techs will wear gloves & respirators while cleaning.

Surface disinfecting. We will use a CDC approved disinfectant on all surfaces throughout your office/home.

Social Distance. We ask that our Techs be given 6 feet of social space while cleaning.

Schedule Changes. If a tech is sick or around anyone that is sick, they have been instructed to stay home. In this event we will send a substitute and will do our best to let you know to expect a different cleaning tech.